KENKO is a creative-driven motion design studio for film, television and corporate audiences led by Kenneth Kornacki – Founder &  Creative Director. We are design, animation /VFX  and post production experts who specialize in conceptual motion graphics and creative design for film, television, advertising, new media, video games, business media, environmental media and short films. We are often found partnering with ad agencies, entertainment studios and corporate clients around the world. We conceive, shoot and produce television ads, main titles for feature films and television, as well as content for advertising and entertainment. Our work includes network launches, image campaigns, show opens, original content, commercials and on-air promotions.

We offer complete visual post-production services, from pre-visualization through offline edit, color grading, VFX & animation, and final mastering.  Along with our post-production services, we are live action production experts with  experience in shooting highly technical projects featuring the latest in cinema tools.




We have created award-winning work on projects for Snap-on Tools, Hollister Medical, GE Healthcare, Trek Bicycles, Harpo Productions/The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jimmy John’s, Johnson Health Tech, Feeding America, Sears, Kimberly Clark, HBO, VH1, TLC, and Feature Film Titles.
Our award-winning work has been featured in the following places: The Cannes Film Festival, The Sundance Film Festival, Communication Arts, How and Print.



Starting with a sketch, we create innovative visual ideas and follow them through to the storyboards and ultimately to the final product. Whether it's for film, TV or smaller screens, we design in collaboration with your creative team to create memorable and exciting visuals.



Greenscreen. Motion control. Drone photography. Camera tracking. All the latest cinematography tools are at our disposal for seamless VFX integration. Our careful attention to pre-production details makes the post-production workflow fast and manageable. On location or on the stage, we've shot with crews big & small.



From 2D vector-animation to photorealistic CGI (and all manner of VFX in between), we've won awards for combining the latest technologies with the best designs. Our team features talent whose experience is in feature films, national & international tv spots, music videos, projection mapping and virtual reality.